Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catch up

I've put off updating this blog because I have fallen so far behind so I'm going to update with pictures.

Emily received a "Tangled" wig for her birthday...Abby LOVED it.

Olivia built a car for school - they were learning about transportation.

Olivia completed ice skating classes.  She was bumped up to the next level for next time!

"Here, eat."

Hitching a ride.

Daddy's hat.

Motley Crew.

Ready for the sun!

The girls built themselves a fort in between their beds.

Ready to do some cooking.

Easter morning!

Abby's gift was this ridiculous beach towel.  I couldn't help myself.


At the egg hunt.

"I love these.  I want to eat them everyday!"  Me too, too.

May 8th - 5 years old!


Rollercoaster fun.

photo by Dancing Frog Photography

Abby is so very chill.

After her preschool recital.

Stuck.  For real.  I had to pull the red thing off to get her out.

Playing out back at Momo & Pop-Pop's house.

I'm thrilled that although we live in the desert, the girls have chances to climb trees and...

follow around frogs when we go home!

Pool season.

This is what happens when there is no water in the pool.  She just gets in the table.  Fully clothed.

We've discovered static electricity.