Sunday, February 26, 2012

Emily is 3!

We can't believe you are 3!  Daddy, Olivia, Abby and I love you so much.  You are a whirlwind of wonderfulness.  You are so complex and thoughtful and yet very carefree.  You don't let much bother you - a trait I greatly admire.  You are quick to say that you are sorry.  You're pretty in tune with how others are feeling and are considerate - even sharing or thinking of others without being asked.  You enjoy so much about life and happily go with the flow (most of the time).  You love to cuddle and like to remind everyone that you love them.  You are such a sweet sister.  You always help me out and go talk to Abby and cheer her up if she's unhappy after her nap.  You wait very patiently for Olivia to come home from school even though you miss her very much.  You two do argue but always seem to resolve it rather quickly.  And you always remind us that even if we are mad, "we still love each other and, because we are all family!"  This isn't to say it's all sunshine and roses because you can be very stubborn and can throw a tantrum with the best of them.  Your tantrum dialogue sounds something like this, "I want somebody to help me! (cleaning up)," "I want you to do it (put shoes on, bring your plate to the sink, etc.)," and "Don't talk to me!"  You do seem to just want to be heard though - and once you feel understand you calm down pretty quickly.

You are hilarious.  You bring so much laughter to our lives.  Your expressions, mannerisms, and the way you say things are priceless.  You would rather not wear clothes or wear a nightgown, but you put together some really fantastic outfits that on initial glance may not work, but you manage to pull it off.  I'm come to trust your fashion sense.  You love your crazy hair and often do not want me to pull it up.  You love your gymnastics class and although I was nervous about the transition from the parent/tot class to the alone class - you have had no trouble adjusting.   You LOVE to dance and sing.  Although, and maybe I'll eat my words some day, but thus far you may be a bit tone deaf.  It doesn't matter though - I still love to hear you sing because you do it with gusto. 

In summary, you are a joy.  The last 3 years have been amazing and we are looking forward to watching you grow and enjoy what this life has in store for you.

Day 1

Happy 1st!


3 years old and thrilled about it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend trip

Here are some photos from a recent trip to Phoenix to meet my parents for the weekend...

Big happenings for little girls

In my absence from this blog a few major milestones have happened for each of the girls.

  • Riding a bike without training wheels!  To make things easier for her, Jim took the training wheels off her old bike, which is smaller so she wouldn't get as hurt when she fell.  And she did fall.  But she got right back up and now she's moved onto her big bike.  She is flying around and loving it! 
  • She's starting to read a bit.  Some words here and there.  I actually think she's reading more than she is letting on, but she's definitely close.  
She does normally wear her helmet.  
She had just hopped on her bike quickly and I forgot.

  • Done with her nummy (pacifier).  D.O.N.E!!  We finally stuck with it when we told her that the one she had was her last one and if she broke it she was done.  So it broke, and she continued to use it, while it was broken for about 2 weeks.  And I mean broken, it was basically like we cut the thing in half.  Anyway, she kind of kept forgetting to use it.  We had a few nights where it was a bit rough going to sleep, but now it's like it never existed.  It's awesome!

  • Walking!!!  Took off for good on January 10th. 
  • Climbing on everything.  We have little chairs for a little table and she likes to sit in them backwards.  She then decided to stand on them and move them next to the bigger tables so she could get onto those.  So we started putting all the chairs on their side - and now she has figured out how to pick them up and use them to climb on things again.  She goes all the way up the stairs by herself (with someone following her).  And recently Jim found her attempting to figure out how to get out of her we have to figure out how to foil her plans.  
  • 2 teeth - and only 2. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas recap

Yikes.  I've avoided looking at this blog because of how long it has been.  But that's okay - I'm here now.  Here's a recap of Christmas.  I know it was long ago - but it will need to be included for when I make a book.

Trip to PA
First stop - Jim's house
Abby sick
Me worrying constantly
Emily often not wanting anyone to talk to her
Trip 1 to Urgent Care - for Abby - just a virus - awesome
Christmas Eve - party at Nan's house - drive to WC
Christmas Day - Abby slight improvement
Gathering with friends
Disney on Ice
Trip 2 to Urgent Care - Olivia - strep throat
Emily still often not wanting anyone to talk to her
2 day trip for Jim & I to NYC!
Bridesmaid dress shopping - found them - so pretty!
Family gathering
Back to Jim's house for New Years Eve
Pork & sauerkraut with family
Back to WC
Hanging on for the last 3 days.....

That was the longest trip we had ever taken.  Oh, and to top it off Abby did not have a good flight home.  Actually I did not have a good flight home...I'm sure she could care less.  But despite everything, is was wonderful to see everyone that we did see and spend some quality time with family.

This is how Abby spent about 75% of the trip.

And this is what happened if someone else tried to hold her.

Olivia & Pa

Christmas morning!

Not wanting anyone to look at her...

Hot cocoa with Aunt Leslie

Maybe next year we'll have a nice Christmas day picture of all 3...
Daddy, Olivia & Emily

FINALLY coming around...I think this was the day before we left.