Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My little gymnast

I've come to terms with Emily being in a "real" gymnastics class.  She loves it and seems to be getting better with each class.  Here are some highlights from class today.  This is also my first attempt with editing a movie - so be sure to check out the title (oohhhhh), fades (aahhhh), and even the caption (wow).

I've also realized today that when you're making new friends there are some people you can weed out immediately. Like this one mom whose daughter is in the class. Not only does the daughter not seem that into it (evidenced by tantrum throwing and running away), but the mom is totally pushing her (admittedly my perception). Here's the thing - when you're in the waiting room you can see the older girls practicing through windows. This mom says to her daughter (who is probably just 2), "oohhhhh, look at how strong those girls legs are! You want strong legs like that, right ___? Those are great legs, good strong legs.  You're gonna be bottom heavy honey, so you'll have to work hard to get those strong legs." WTF!!?? Her daughter is 2!  I'm being totally judgemental here and I am nowhere near a perfect parent.  And I'm sure in some way I will emotionally damage my children. But for now, I can sleep at night knowing I'm not so blatantly obvious about it! Sheesh.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to share...

Olivia and Emily constantly fight over how to share things.  Usually it ends up with someone hitting someone and then one or both of them coming to cry to me or Jim.  Here's the thing...
1. I didn't see anything happen so therefore I can't really fairly punish anyone.
2. I'm sooooooooo sick of hearing about it.

So I decided to make my position clear. 

Me: I am so sick and tired of hearing you both complain that the other one won't share and hearing you fight about it.  So from now on - if you come to me complaining or crying about something, then I'm going to take it away and neither of you will play will it.
(blank stares/crickets)
Olivia: ...and where will you put it?
Me: (Infuriated) That is none of your damn business.

Yes, I said damn to my 4 year old.  Whatever, I'm pretty sure I'm not up for "mother of the year" anyway.
Anyway, they're both sharing the dress up clothes and playing nicely right now.  So maybe I'll at least get some peace for the next hour before they go to bed.

The poor third baby...

I feel bad.  Abby, being the 3rd child has been left to cry it out (kind of).  Last night when she woke up at 3am I went to check on her and I tucked her back in and left.  I went in to keep checking on her, but she cried.  Off and on (more on) for close to an hour.  I think I made the decision in the middle of the night when I realized that she is 7 months old!  That just sounds so much older than 6 months and I feel like she should be sleeping through the night.  Anyway, she was just fine this morning and didn't hate me.  We'll see how tonight goes.


To add insult to injury she went to the doctor today for a follow-up (perfectly healthy!)  and got shots that she missed.  Quite a day for little A.  On a side note - she weighs 17 lbs 4 oz and is 26 inches long.  I know you're not supposed to compare your kids, but Olivia and Emily were both 18 lbs at 4 months and Abby is 7 months.  So we think she's little!

Olivia went to her dance class.  I got this class for another deal.  5 classes for $25.  It's a bit far, but who cares for $25!  It's a ballet, story, dress-up, acting kind of class.  She loved it.  I was a little nervous because she didn't know any kids in the class, but she did great.

Emily went to gymnastics today.  She loves it, but today would not participate in warm ups or stretching.  When they were supposed to run on their tip toes - she says "Nooooo, my toes will get messy."  Wait.  Did she just say that?  That she would mess up her painted toe nails?!  Lord help me.

Blooty = Beauty (as in Blooty and the Beast)
Brocky = Broccoli

Abby is starting to try and wave goodbye!  Cheryl was holding her today at the door when Emily and I left for the class and she was kind of getting her arm and fingers moving in the right motion.  So not fully - but still!  This is one of the things I love about working from home and having Cheryl come to the house.  If something happens I'm here to see it.  I also like that if someone needs a hug I'm here to give it.  It offsets the stress of working from home.  I work 15 hours a week and have Cheryl come over 15 hours a week.  But, I often have to use the time that Cheryl is here to run errands or to take Emily to her class, etc.  So then I make up the time at night, but it kind of feels like I'm constantly working.  

Update: Emily has been completely  accident free (well, okay, 1 accident) since she decided to not wear diapers anymore.  I am still in awe.  AND I think Olivia has a bit of a competitive streak in her - because as soon as Emily was potty trained and going through the night without a diaper or anything - Olivia decided she wanted to as well and so now for about the past month she has been going through the night without a pull up and is accident free!

Here's a little gem from this afternoon.  We weren't allowed to get out of the car until the song was over.  

Sunday, July 10, 2011

picture time!

Abby will turn 7 months tomorrow!  It would probably be redundant to say that I can't believe it and it's gone too fast...so I won't ;)  Today we went to get pictures taken of Abby by herself and get a shot of all the girls.  Why 7 months and not 6, you ask?  Lets just say that I'm pretty sure my tendency to procrastinate is genetic.  See the baby pictures of myself, my brother, and my sister were all taken at 7 months.  Therefore, when Olivia was born I waited until 7 months to be consistent with "family tradition" and so here we are.  

You know what's fun about getting 3 kids ready for a photo session and the photo session itself?  Nothing.  I must have said "you are messing up your hair!" about 20 times this morning.  But I did decide to wait until the very last second to put them all in their outfits (courtesy of my sister - thank you!) so I didn't stress as much about that.  Then when we get there - the happiest baby in the land - barely cracks a smile.  Oh well - I got the two shots that I wanted.  And got the whole session, pictures and (low-res) CD for only $25 on Living Social.  Can't beat that.  

July 4th weekend

You know what's so awesome?   When your basically 7 month old finally decides to sleep through the night and then a week later decides to take it back.  It's fantastic.  Really, and I'm not being sarcastic at all.  Seriously though - it sucks.  It's worse than when she was a newborn and got up all the time.  At least then I expected it.  Now she gets up around 3:30 am (again) and is all smiley and excited to get up so of course I just have to smother her with kisses and can't stay mad, which is maddening!  But I do pray every night that maybe (please, please, please) she'll stay asleep the whole night again.


We had a great July 4th weekend.  Saturday we had friends over - the kids played great, we enjoyed a few adult beverages and had some delicious food.  Sunday we kind of just hung around.  Then Sunday evening a storm started rolling in.  So we sat outside and watched it.  We must have looked ridiculous.  There are never storms here...it was an event!  But alas, the rain didn't make it to us.  We did see some pretty impressive lightning though.  Jim had the idea to just hop in the car and go chase the rain.  So we did.   We ended up at the parking lot where you can see the planes take off and land and saw some more lightning, but missed the rain.  Then we drove to a park and tried to see some fireworks, but no fireworks went off.  I guess because of the weather.  So this sounds like a silly story where we missed a lot of stuff.  But it was actually a nice, fun time spent together.  

On the 4th we took the girls to Cars 2.  They did well.  Everyone got a bit antsy about 40 minutes before the end of the movie, but not a big deal.  Oh - and you only have to buy tickets for kids 3 and up!  Who knew?  We ended up getting a lovely refund.  Then we went to see fireworks at night at the same park as the night before and could see the whole valley.  So there were little fireworks bursts going off all along the horizon and even had a nice illegal fireworks show right at the park.


Finally got Emily into the picture.

Funda = Thunder
Knock-knocks = Binoculars
Outside-out = inside out
"Lay-a won't let me share." (when Olivia won't share with her)

Olivia finished her swim lessons and got the green light to move on to the next class.  In the next class they actually learn to swim for real.  Yay for her!  I asked her if she wanted to continue on with the next class.  She said she did, but then when I showed her that the class was taught by a boy teacher she said she didn't want to do it.  I think she would have, but she tends to be a little nervous the first time she tries something.  I didn't push it though because it's 4 days a week for 2 weeks and she's been talking about dance.  So she's going to start doing that this week.

Abby is rolling around like crazy.  It's her form of transportation.  She can roll her way around a room.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't know where she is going when she rolls, but it's cute.  She's also standing while holding onto things.  Someone has to hold her as well, but she's definitely doing a lot more.  She's also screaming a lot - mostly it seems like to get attention.  So that's good.  Because we need more noise around here.