Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy times!

We've just returned from a whirlwind weekend.  Very whirlwind.  We flew all 5 of us back home to PA for a weekend.  Seriously...just one weekend.  If you look up insane in the dictionary you will see our picture.  But it was a completely necessary trip because my brother got married!  CONGRATULATIONS Bobby and Kate.  It was awesome to be able to celebrate with them and enjoy the day with family and friends.  And I have to say I seriously lucked out in the sister-in-law department.  She is an amazing person and I'm thrilled to finally call her my sister!

photo credit - Paul Reitano -

The girls did very well - all things considered.  Olivia and Emily walked down the aisle with Kate's nieces.  They all looked incredibly adorable.  Abby did well through the ceremony until I gave her a lollipop thinking she would stay quiet and instead she got so excited, she started growling at it.  So Jim had to take her out.  Emily had a bit of a meltdown at pictures, but no big deal.  The day was not about her and if she's not in some pictures...her loss.  Afterwards Jim's mom, sister, and niece graciously came over and picked the girls up at my mom's house.  Olivia was great at Nan's house.  Emily had an epic meltdown at bedtime and Abby pretty much refused to sleep.  I truly appreciate Jim's family watching the girls.  It gives me peace of mind knowing they are with people who love them even when they don't bring their A game.  Luckily for Nan it was only one night and she could get some sleep the next night!


I have some major catching up to do on this blog.  But I've been busy parenting.  Okay - busy feeling guilty about my lack of parenting skills.   To be fair to myself - I do tend to beat myself up A LOT for just about everything.  And I can't be all bad - they're happy, healthy, and they know we love them.  It is very busy though - exponentially busy.  Especially because Abby is everywhere these days.  Absolutely everywhere.  The other two can be left alone to play upstairs or in the other room on their own - but guess what?  You can't do that with a 10 month old.  And this 10 month old is not at all happy about hanging out in a pack and play.  She wants out.  So many things around the house aren't getting done because I have to constantly watch her lest she come across a lost Barbie shoe or ahem, dried up food because I didn't vacuum that I missed while vacuuming. 

It is rather amazing - in the past month and a half Abby has gone from an army/inchworm type of crawl to cruising along furniture and has now stood on her own for about 5 seconds twice!  She's growing so fast..they all are! 

Big fan of avocado.  Almost always results in a bath.

First hair bow.

End of summer fun.

Is it creepy I took a picture of her sleeping?  I just had to capture those eyelashes.

Obligatory spaghetti sauce picture.

"Scoot the page." - turn the page
smeshmallows - marshmallows