Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day

We survived.  Olivia had a fantastic first day at school (at least from what I can gather).  I lost it a bit on the way home after dropping her off.  I seriously wanted to stand there at the playground and just watch her all day.  She was fine though - she took off right away and started playing.  Her teacher said that she had a great day, but she had a bit of trouble when she woke up from her nap.  This is probably because she doesn't nap at home so I imagine she was a bit disoriented.  Especially since Olivia told me that she didn't nap - she just "rested her eyes for a few minutes."  But she was comforted by the teachers assistant and quickly got back in the swing of things.  

I would like to request the videotape of the day and get the play by play.  But alas - I know there's no such thing.  She talked about how much she enjoyed meeting and playing with new friends.  She told me about something that was "amazing," and I think it had something to do with what sounded like magnets moving things.  She also told me about how she helped some of the other kids learn how to use the scooters on the playground.  She then told me that she wanted to stay longer next time so that she could keep playing with her friends.  So although I'll never get the entire story it sounds to me like it was a resounding success.  

Emily, Abby, & I did okay as well.  We went to a trial music class that was neat, but Emily wasn't really into it.  Then we came home and they both napped for 2 hours (AMEN!).  When they got up we went to get flowers for Olivia.  The day went pretty quickly.  Olivia was happy to see us and I felt myself finally breathe again when I saw her.  I know it will get easier as time goes on and I'm so thrilled that she loved it. 

I found this quote when I was making Olivia's first year book and it rang so true for me today.

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever 
to have your heart go walking around outside your body."  
~Elizabeth Stone

I have to note that Jim had to be away today.  Which I know was really tough for him.  She was okay though - they talked about 4 times today.  This morning I took a quick 1 minute video and I asked her if she was excited and told her that I loved her, etc.  She wanted to say something at the end of the video, but didn't want to say it with the camera on.  So I turned it off and asked her what she wanted to say and she turned to me and said "I miss Daddy."

First day breakfast - french toast, nectarines, & milk

I seriously have no idea where she learned to pose.

Loved her flowers.

Enjoying her flowers.  She was nice enough to share.

Please excuse Emily's pacifier - long story.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My babyyyyyy!!!

I'm currently sitting here trying hard not to curl up in a fetal position and bawl my eyes out.  Olivia is starting pre-K tomorrow.  She's going Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for full days.  Its not the end of the world...I know.  But still - she and I have been together just about everyday since we've moved out here 3 years ago (jeez - 3 years?).  And I have this fear that I'm losing her.  I will say again that I tend to emotionally overreact.  It's not like she's going to college, but it is the first time she will be on her own, armed with the life skills we have taught her (gulp).  So maybe I'm really questioning if we've been good enough parents - have we prepared her enough for the warm and fuzzy preschool real world?  

In all honesty this is going to be great for both of us.  She's been getting pretty bored around here (granted its the summer and a million degrees outside - so being stuck inside is boring) and we have a habit of getting on each others nerves a bit.  It will even be good for Emily.  She'll have to branch out on her own and not rely so much on Olivia to lead the way.  Olivia is very excited and doesn't seem worried at all.  I'm not worried about her adjusting.  She makes friends in 0.2 seconds wherever we go.  And she's so excited to learn new things.  This is going to be amazing for her - I'm just hoping I don't cry my eyes out when I drop her off and then stare at the clock every 10 minutes until 3:00.

My babbbyyyyyy....waaahhhhhh!

No worries...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm a bit behind on my posting.  Just a month or so - no big deal.  Here's a bunch of pictures to catch up.

Great visit from Jim's nephew Dylan.  He probably still has "Rolling in the Deep," "Who Says," and "Party Rock Anthem" in his head because the girls made him play those songs over and over and over.  He and Jim also took the girls over to the pool late one night and "closed" the pool.  The girls were so excited to stay until it was dark out.

Quick trip over to California for two nights.  Just to keep Jim company and swim in a different pool.  Overall a fun, quick trip.  The girls were awesome in the car though.  Which means we'll chance another road trip in the future!


Matching jam-jams

Feeding the ducks in the rain

Practicing cartwheels

Making monster shirts


When a 2 year old decides to skip her nap....


So silly

Trying to pull herself up...not succeeding..yet!

"Helping" fold clothes

Baby Abbers
"I can stand!"  Kind of...
Ridiculously happy baby

The following is a bunch of pictures I found on the camera.  Obviously Olivia had a hold of it.  Yes, these are in the exact order I found them on the camera.

Hiding from Mommy!

Em can't get enough of posing with Abby


Olivia's last dance class

My little dancer and um...Emily

Abby update - eating almost full jars of food, sleeping through the night (even though I abandoned my stance on letting her cry after one night - I gave in - and then 3 nights later she did it on her own), eating puffs and some bread/soft items, and trying to pull herself up on things.  She still gets around by rolling although now she is very good at it.  Think 3 point turns - like when you're driving.   It's insane how fast she is growing.  She's also now 18 lbs and 8 months old! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Night owl

I always worry about how much one-on-one time each of my kids will have with either Jim or I. So the fact that Emily now expects to be able to come out of her room after Olivia falls asleep is kind of funny and serves a purpose. I guess this should be a discipline issue and I should make her stay in her room because it's a bad habit and what not.

But she's not tired at 8pm because she naps for 2 hours (sometimes more - especially if Abby is napping too - the brief quiet is soooo nice) in the afternoon. Olivia passes out at bedtime rather quickly.  And I kind of like having a bit of time at night with Emily. We'll sit and watch "the dance show," SYTYCD...which by the way I am in LOVE with! Never watched it before and can't believe I haven't. Tonight she brushed my hair and we giggled like little girls - well, I giggled like a little girl - she is a little girl so she giggled like herself. 

Pictures and highlights soon...I've been slacking.