Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today I had a moment that stopped time a bit and made me realize that I am for sure in the trenches as a mom.  I was at the bagel place waiting to pay.  I was holding Abby and Emily was standing next to me.  I hear a casual, "Mom, here."  I look down to see Emily reaching her finger up to me, "Here.  A booger."  Me: "Oh, Emily!"  But without a second thought I took the (huge) booger off her finger and put it in my pocket.  Yes, right into my pocket.  I felt that it was easier than frantically looking for a napkin and calling attention to the massive booger.

Then I calmly went on with my day.  I actually felt that the bagel trip was very easy and successful.  And if you're wondering, yes, I believe the booger is still in my jeans pocket.  But they are now in the laundry.  I just hope the booger gets washed out, because I'm sure I'll forget that it's there and it would be such a sad, disgusting moment realizing there is a booger in my pocket.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 - 11 months

Abby is 11 months old today.  On 11/11/11.  How cool is that?  Maybe 11 will be her lucky number.

11 things we love about Abby

1. Her smile - She can and does light up the room with that smile.
2. Her independence - She doesn't have to be entertained all the time.  She's happy to explore and find things to do on her own.
3. Her ability to let us know when she is tired and go down to sleep (most of the time) without a fuss.
4. Her laugh - She mimics the girls laughing and it is hilarious.
5. Her sense of humor - Seriously, she really has one.  She finds things funny and does things to make people laugh.
6. Her strength - Physically, she is one strong kid.  Even if she is still little (at least compared to the other two at her age).
7. Her kisses - Open mouth, sloppy, but endearing nonetheless.
8. Her persistence - She will repeatedly go over to the stairs to climb them even after being moved about 10 times.  She also will freak out and scream her damn head off if you try to put her to bed before she's ready.  I'm not sure how this will translate to toddler years, but I admire her tenacity.
9. Her love for her sisters - Already incredibly apparent.
10. Her eyes - They twinkle and I sometimes wonder if she is an old soul.  When she discovers new things it's not like "wow", it's more of a "oh, yeah, I forgot about that."
11. Her cheeks - So soft and so kissable that I'm sure she's so sick of being kissed all the time.

There's many more but I'm working with a theme here.  I can't believe it's one month until she's 1!

Daddy's hat!

This is how they insist on sitting now.  They were fighting over who got to sit next to Abby.

"Please let me out to play!!!"

No luck with a smiley picture.

Having so much fun!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daddy & Me Day

Olivia recently had "Daddy & Me Day" at her school.  Jim signed up and went to school with her for the whole morning.  They both had a great day.  Jim was really impressed with her school and despite having to sit in tiny little kid chairs he said it was a day he will always remember.  He had to leave the afternoon after he went to school so he wrote Olivia a very sweet note and she said that she will keep it forever.

Today I'm thankful for the amazing relationship that Jim has with each of our girls.  They are very lucky to have such an awesome dad.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

No need for dentures

Finally!  Abby has a tooth!  Her first bottom tooth pushed through, oh, let's see, 3 nights ago.   Yes, Wednesday night...for sure, because she was up about 20 times.  Today you can almost see it.  I'll try and get a picture.    But thank goodness!  She is currently 6 days shy of turning 11 months...I was getting nervous that we were gearing up for some hefty dental work.  

On a related note.  I am exhausted.  I'm so tired that I constantly have a bottle of Visine on me for red eyes and I can't even wear eyeliner anymore.  I look like a very tired raccoon after an hour because my eyes are constantly watering since they don't get to close often enough.  And waterproof mascara is a must.  I'm up about 5 times a night.  I still feel like 5 hours of sleep in a row is like a spa day.  Abby is finally (despite the tooth) sleeping through the night.  But does that mean I get to sleep?  No.  Because inevitably someone else is up.  

Like Olivia last night.  She has a bit of a cold.  Really just a runny nose, slight cough right now.  So I can understand that she would get stuffed up laying down and it would be uncomfortable.  But apparently Olivia is dramatic even in her sleep.  Because randomly throughout the night she would toss and turn and moan.  She wouldn't fully awake, just toss around and moan.  So there was really nothing I could do for her - but since I was concerned I was up.

But since we're getting close to Thanksgiving, I'm going to count my blessings a little more these days.  And I'm am incredibly thankful that despite being so tired, I have the ability and opportunity to check on my 3 (relatively) healthy, sleeping children each night.

Friday, November 4, 2011


In the weeks leading up to Halloween I would ask Emily, "what to do you want to be for Halloween?"  Olivia had already stated that she wanted to be a butterfly.   I could tell that she wasn't completely tied to the idea, but at least she had picked something.  So Emily decided she wanted to be a shark.  I have no idea why.  No idea.  But she was adamant.  I would ask her over and over.  Everybody asked her - and every time she would say a shark.  So a few days before Halloween I figured she wasn't going to budge on her decision.  I showed her some shark costumes and she agreed that it was what she wanted and that's what she would be.  So me (being the asshole mother that I am) convinced Olivia to be a mermaid for the sake of a theme.  We were going to make Abby some sort of sea creature.  So I ordered a mermaid costume and a shark costume from E-bay (I got great deals by the way - definitely the way to go for costumes.)  
Cut to 3 days before Halloween.  The costumes come in the mail.  Olivia is overjoyed at hers.  Emily is incredibly hesitant to say the least.  Hers was basically a sweatshirt with the hood as the open mouth of the shark.  It wasn't scary or anything - it was just a shark.  Exactly what she picked out.  She refused to put it on.  So we waited a bit figuring she would warm up.  I hung it in her closet.  She refused to pick out clothes because she was "scawed of the shawk."  Olivia tried it on and showed her it wasn't scary.  No dice.  She wouldn't even go near it.  The last time we tried she actually left the room and talked to us from beyond the doorway.  She didn't even want to be in the same room as it.  At that point I abandoned the idea.  I wasn't going to make her wear it - I'm not in the business of intentionally traumatizing my kids.  

From there we started a frantic search for a new costume.  She said she would be a princess.  Fine, great, at least we already have a choice of dresses.  I grabbed a pair of fairy wings and a tutu at Target for Abby and our theme became "Overly girly, mostly (because there are some real princesses) fictional beings."  So the day before Halloween we were getting ready to go to a "Trunk or Treat" at the church where Olivia goes to school and Emily decides she does not want to be a princess.  Pitched a fit.  We didn't have too many other options.  I tried to convince her to wear her Phillies jersey and hat - telling her it wasn't even a costume - just a shirt and hat!  Nope.  Then Olivia looked in the closet, saw her ballet leotard and came up with a brilliant idea.  Emily would be a ballerina.  And Emily was thrilled.  Phew.  

They had a great time at the "Trunk or Treat."  On Halloween night we went to a party at the clubhouse for our neighborhood.  Nothing too exciting there.  Olivia and Emily got balloon animals, but then we left and went home and waited for trick or treating.  Well, Olivia and I went trick or treating with some neighbors.  She had a great time.  And learned a new word.  "Freaky."  Which she used in just about every sentence she could for the rest of the night.  For me it was okay - especially since I had to carry a 41 pound 4-1/2 year old on my back for the last part of the walk home.  

Abby went to bed, Jim handed out candy, and Emily got scared out of her mind so she handed out candy too.  While we were all outside our neighbor put on a scary mask and Emily lost her mind.  I have never seen her run so fast and scream so loud in all her life.  When I picked her up her little body was completely tensed up but she was also shaking.  I felt so bad for her - mainly because I know the exact feeling she had.  Because to be honest...I'm not a big fan of Halloween.  I'm a giant scaredy cat, and I absolutely hate masks.  She got over it and actually enjoyed handing out candy.  But I'm thinking perhaps Halloween won't be her favorite holiday either.